August 3 Shishen: it is expected that the steel production in August will be in a high state, and the recovery is not strong
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Domestic: as of the end of the afternoon on July 31, the domestic commodity futures market was divided, with the energy sector leading the decline. Low sulfur fuel oil fell by more than 3%; crude oil and apple fell by more than 2%; fuel oil, Zheng alcohol, rubber and plastic fell by more than 1%; eggs, Shanghai copper, Shanghai nickel and pulp fell slightly. Urea futures rose by more than 2%, stainless steel futures SS, Shanghai zinc, iron ore, soybean No. 1 and coke rose by more than 1%; Shanghai gold, Shanghai silver, jujube and screw thread fell slightly.

Securities Times: on July 30, the national development and Reform Commission held a video conference on development and Reform in the first half of the year. The meeting stressed that it is necessary to focus on work priorities, focus on peaceful economic transportation, refine and implement policies and measures to expand domestic demand and promote the formation of a prosperous domestic market, unswervingly expand the opening to the outside world, and ensure the realization of poverty alleviation on schedule. At present, we should strive to ensure the supply and response chain of the industrial chain, work hard to ensure that food and energy are calm, vigorously promote the key reform obligations, and implement the regional urban and rural growth strategy, and deepen Employment and livelihood security.

China authorities website: the general office of the State Council released the prejudice on supporting the flexible employment of various channels. \